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One of the things I really liked with the old discussions is that I could quickly and easily see which topics I had a comment in and which ones had new comments since my last one. I've not found a way to replicate that feature or found a widget that allows me to recreate it.


I did find the "Your Content" option under "Your Stuff" and while that does a great job of showing me which questions I've commented on, it does not tell me if there's been a new response since my last one. I then have to back to that specific topic and dig through it again, which thus I'm just not bothering to do.


Has anyone discovered a way to do this that does not involved email subscriptions?

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  • Matt K. Level 4 (2,380 points)

    Hi JasonFear,


    Have you tried out the Discussions tab within a community? This will show you when a topic has been updated and will be bold if you have not read it. You can set Discussions as the default tab as well.


    Screen shot 2011-04-18 at 1.55.49 PM.png

    Hope that helps.


    -Matt K.

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  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 (48,970 points)



    That's a useful view. However, it doesn't show which threads I've commented on. The other problem, for me, is that there's no easy way to keep a list of threads I'm interested in as I could with the old subscription page. Sometimes, those threads would be a few pages back in a forum. Or, I wouldn't remember the subject line of something that I was interested in. If It was in my subscription list, I would know it was something that had captured my interest, even if I never posted in it.


    As someone (Ronda?) pointed out, the new layout makes it much easier to ask a question which solves one of the big problems of the old forum. However, it makes it more difficult to answer questions or, rather, follow up on answers.



  • JasonFear Level 5 (4,935 points)

    Hi Matt,


    Thanks for you response. Yes, I am viewing the various product sub-categories as 'Discussions.' That has proven to definitely help with the view I'm looking for versus the other method. But Meg hit the nail on the head, there's no indication on thread/question that I've responded it. For example, if you take you screen shot, can you tell which ones I've responded to based on that view? No.


    It'd be fantastic if when I posted on a discussion that the icon on the far left could change or there be some quick and easily way to see which I've responded.

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    I'm going to agree with the others - I used to subscribe to anywhere from 60 - 120 topics (and one or two "special" users); there is no way I'd be able to remember all the subject lines (or the forums for that matter). It is also much too time consuming for a "helper" to check through all new posts/contents/topics/whatever - if I posted previously, all I want to see is that topic/new post(s) so I can see if further action is required.


    So far, asking a question seems extremely newbie-proof; answering one and keeping up with that topic is frustrating and time consuming at best. I'm quite seriously considering ratcheting back my efforts here - I don't mind spending an hour or two per day, but this would easily double with this new format and that will not be doable - I do have a life outside of AD.

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    Hi babowa: I didn't see a direct email to contact you, so this will have to do. I have seen quite a few of your posts helping Byron with quite a few of his "special questions". I would like to commend you on the propmt, courteous, very helpful way you have when dealing with him. Job well done.


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    Thank you; what a nice thing to say; I really appreciate that! 


    He appears to respond to me - why or how, I don't know, but it works! And he listens (mostly) 


    Anyway, we're good - he's now being "watched".....