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Im using my friends ipad and before i knew it, there was black horizantal thick black line on it. Is something wrong? I tried a hard reset, and updating but nothing will work. The screen itself works and everything there is just a big black line. What do i do? D;

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    Is the screen cracked?

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    No it isn't it's just a black line and now a couple colorful lines flickering through it.

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    can you post a picture?

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    Sorry it took so long, yeah sure


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    I'm not sure what that is.  Maybe hardware related? The reason I asked if it could have been cracked is I had lines on my macbook pro when the screen cracked.  Maybe yours is something to do with a graphics card? Hopefully someone else will be able to shed some light on your issue.


    Good Luck.IMG_0022.JPG

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    Well hey guys, I'm having a problem with my iPad.  I have like a grey/black see-through line in the middle of my display.  It makes everything darker and when I visit my apps scenes that was within that line appear in the dark line anywhere else I go on the iPad.  It is a normal iPad NOT a ipad2.  It is cracked. How can I got about fixing this.

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    Me too. It is a band of black and colored lines running vertical in landscape and horizontal in portrait about two inches wide. It's cover over all apps and all the time. Reboot, restore is no help but touch function works fine across the stripes. The screen capture from the iPad1 does not appear the band of black and colored lines. It shows a normal screen. The answer when asked at the Genius Bar is, they never seen this problem before. And the solution that fix the problem may be expensive. But when searching on Google with the keyword "iPad half screen black" it's return 64,800,000 results. Some user comment that the video display hardware on the system board has been damaged. It's possible something has been dislodged or come loose. But, again, why this happened to many many users in the same period? In most cases the iPad never drop. It's happened immediately with no sign of warning. There are no ways to fix it right now. The iPad1 is just 2 years released. Is it too early to replace with the iPad3? photo.JPG

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         Hey guys, I am having the same problem on my Ipad 1. (took me almost 4 months to find a post relating to this problem).

         My question is, did u find a way to fix it? If so, can you please share your procedure to fix it?

    On doing some research i found the Lcd's for Ipad are available in the amazon for 65$ (My Ipad is way too old to get it  fixed on warranty). Not sure if they work fine or not.


    Plz guys, suggest me a way to fix it. If you have fixed your Ipad, plz share your experience in fixing it. Thanks in advance.

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    Did you solve it?