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    Thanks but after following 1-5, step 6 still results in the permanant "Upgrading" message as soon as  i turn ical on in icloud. So I force quit ical, reopen it and it's still "Upgrading." If I turn it off in icloud, no more "Upgrading."


    Before I started, ical was full of entries. After it tries "Upgrading" it only has 3 repeating entries, all the others have disappeared. (I can usually resurrect them by importing the saved file.) Any more ideas? Thanks.

    I have a MacBookPro 17 with OSX 10.7.5, iPad Air and iPhone.

  • jr0bert Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks very much Ferd. This worked


    I gather I just then delete the cache files from my desktop?

  • Ferd II Level 7 (25,725 points)

    You are welcome...glad to help.


    The files that were moved to the Desktop can be trashed.

  • jenevenej Level 1 (0 points)

    I know this is an old post...but it still helped me today!  I appreciate your straight forward response in language any Applite can understand   Thanks for your help!


    As is common among "Classically Trained Applites" (;), one good tip deserves another. is another little tiddy that's g2k.  The User's Library file can also be accessed by selecting the Go menu while holding the Option Key.

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