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Color and Motion. And DVD SP.


We use them all. Color as our main, dedicated grading package, often used by a colourist who spends half her life in Pablo and grew up on various DaVinci and Pogle systems, who rather likes it.  Motion, which is much ignored by the AE set, still has a very tasty motion tracker. Both have been primary tools on million-dollar-plus projects for us. DVD SP is just the simplest way to do complicated screeners, and quite OK for release projects. Blu-ray would be nice, but I guess it's too late for that.


We use FCP because of Color (and Final Touch before it), not the other way around. Yes, we'll always have a copy of FCP kicking around, like we have Premiere Pro, as a workflow tool to get us into the places we need a project to be for a grade. But if Color's dead or deprecated, then we'll be going elsewhere, and that could be Avid (where most of our cuts originate), or it could be Resolve, or Baselight (please, not the plug-in), and whatever apps best feed it.


If, on the other hand, Color and Motion have vanished in anticipation of the much-rumoured Phenomenon (working title) then I hope it's good, I hope the workflow actually works, and I hope it costs a great deal more than $299. Like $2999, and very hard to crack. Then we'll once again have something that not all our clients have on their MacBook Pros, and a suite, with all its expensive peripherals, that can again be sold for money.


Avid has long understood that free/cheap apps don't help professionals earn a crust. I hope Apple isn't vacating that space in favour of the weekend enthusiasts wanting a fruitier version of Final Cut Express. We'll love it, but we won't stay.

Mac Pros, 10GB RAM, Quad G5s and Duals, Mac OS X (10.6.7), FCS3, Kona LHe, Multibridge Pro, HDCAM, Avid Nitris DX and other
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    Note that each of those products are "Categories" within the Final Cut Studio subcommunity; click "Refine this list…" and you'll see them.

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    Ta - yes, thanks, I guess the posts aren't gone forever. But clearly they've been shoved in the attic, unlike Soundtrack which has never had much of a following, but still seems to live and breathe. So I'll be waiting for news like everyone else...

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    Why this weirdly lame software was adopted for the Apple Discussions is unknown. You might as well get used to it because there does not' seem to be any place to complain.

    The FCP section, because it covers so may diverse applications, should be a "community," whatever that is.

    There are lots of columns that should be visible like show started the thread so I know who to ignore and who posted the last response so I know whether the answer is likely to be useful so I can avoid wasting time opening the thread. 


    \There is so much that is wrong about this forum it's obvious we are not the intended users; the iPad, Safari, iTunes and Apple products for Windows discussions that must realize benefits from this format. We're just chopped liver.

    This totally blows.



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    i think I agree with you David ( and that doesnt happen that often! ;-)).


    I wanted to give this new forum some time, get used to the new way of doing things, but it hasnt clicked yet, the small amount of stuff I do is now harder. I agree about seeing who started the thread. and the inly fun part, the point scoring, has been relegated to an embarrassed after thought.



    but i'll give it some more time and see what happens, and hey the same's not going to happen to fcpx is it!?


    (actually i dont think it will and am looking forward to the new challenge I mean release)



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    Using the change in the forums to highlight your angst about the future of the FC Studio product is an interesting parallel. I'll stay with it.


    We all need a bit of time to see just how this new way of sharing knowledge works. If you don't find the thing your looking for right away it doesn't mean its gone. In the discussions under the link to this section Final Cut Studio You'll find three tabs at the top. In the tab labeled All Content your find the discussions broken down into the various products under the studio banner.


    Some early reaction to the new version of Final Cut were negative because its appearance was perceived as a dumbed down version. The reality is the UI redesign and added features are a step forward in the area editing. As for the future of products like Color, DVDSP, Motion and SoundtrackPro, (I trying not to speculate) I'm sure that the kind of improvements seen in Final Cut Pro will also be apart of the next versions of those products.



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    Hi ap_TOnyTOny, are you speculating about the improvements to these apps because you know but can't say, or does their absence here not lead you to the view that they've been 'deprecated'? You seem quite sure of your ground...

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    I've been trying to use the new forums, but with all of Final Cut Studio lumped into the same "Forum" and merely subcategories, it makes it extremely hard to sort thru. I can't find my active posts because in my list of posts, the top things are topics I posted to three years ago instead of the most recent.


    I'm sorry - the new forum format blows big time.



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    but "Soundtrack" turns out not to be soundtrack Pro but old legacy Soundtrack-not-Pro stuff. So it's in the same boat as the lost children.

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    Yeah, but now we get to "like" so we can pretend we're on facebook. Wait, what? I hate facebook.

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    There are sections for the other products. As I say above  [In the] section Final Cut Studio You'll find three tabs at the top. In the tab labeled All Content your [sic] (you'll) find the discussions broken down into the various products. From the immortal Sgt. Schultz "I know nothing, nothing.", about what is to come.



    As a side note I was a bit surprised I found my way back to this discussion. I'm sure we all will learn how. I would say that it appears aimed at the chatty kind of crowed instead of the old folk like so many of us I see here .




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    Ok I'm still learning.


    What you need to to do to get to the various product sections (i.e. Motion, DVDSP, etc.) is to click on the Refine This List link . Hmm.