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I never use the dashboard option but use the Spaces quite often.

My macbook keyboard has this dashboard key on F4, Can I change the behaviour of this shortcut key so it launches de spaces option?

I tried assigning it the F4 key but since the F4 key can only be accessed when pushing Fn too, I see no point in changing the default behaviour of the top row of keys.



  • Jose M Olaya Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)

    After reading a few posts my current workaround invoves assigning the Spaces option the F1 key.. so when i want spaces I push FN+F1.


    This is not ideal and what I want to to remap the hard options (F1= Decrease brightness, F2=increase, F3=expose, F4= dashboard.. etc) so that the expose button activates Spaces directly, just one tap.