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I have a Netflix subscription and use Apple TV for streaming. Often I get that message--AppleTV can't access Netflix at this time--Now I understand that there are many links in the chain and I can't know which one is at fault. However, I also have a Blu-Ray player which can also access my local network and when I can't get Netflix with AppleTV I can get the same program with the Blu-Ray player without any problem. This has happened many times. It isn't a situation where the AppleTV needs to be reset. I suppose there's a possibility that the AppleTv and the BluRay player can have different sensitivities to my wireless network, but I wouldn't think so. But could that be what's going on here? There 2 units are together in space and I don't have any problem in most cases with the reception of either. Thanx for any suggestions.

Mac Pro 2.66 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.1)