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    This discussion ended on April 19 after only one day, but the problem hasn't gone away. I just personalized my page for the first time and got the same "Status updates have been upgraded..." message. Not knowing what else to do, and having invested relatively little time in arranging my widgets (most of the time was figuring out what was available, what it did, and which I wanted), I did Reset to Default. Which it did. I recreated my layout, published it, and still get the message. Has anyone figured out (a) how to make the message go away and/or (b) how to get the updates and what they are?

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    Short of getting an actual answer from someone, I've by now decided that this is how it's gonna be.... A few days ago, I can't remember exactly how I did it, but the message disappeared and since that is beyond my control, I can't recreate it. I do remember clicking something, but cannot remember exactly what it was. Take a look while on that page to see if there is anything like "hide" or similar (don't click on reset.....  )

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    Just checking something babowa ... were you able to do your alias change before or after the changeover to ASC from AD?


    (Trying to work out why you're getting these sorts of troubles when most of us aren't ... so vaguely wondering if there's a potential issue here with something anomalous having happened to your "Your View" after an alias change under the new software.)


    Edit: Arrrrgh! sorry, ignore me ... didn't read the thread closely enough. I'm a bad, evil, wicked silly tony.


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    I'm a bad, evil, wicked silly tony.


    You forgot funny (or humorous if you like that better)......



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    I just clickef on that image I had posted and found what I was looking for:


    Simply click on the "close"  on the right - the message will go away.....

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    It goes away, but nothing changes -- no apparent updates, and the message comes back if you try to personalize again.

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    I decided I'm done personalizing (as in: it ain't gonna get better - I've got it the best way I can work with until some changes occur) ...... and I haven't seen the message again.


    So, since there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer, I think I'll mark this as answered (or, rather I'll mark my own answer as correct just to show that's it's closed).

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