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i am using Pages on iPad1.. how do i save a document so i can bring it up, work on it, save it, etc..

iPad, iOS 4.3.2
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    You say "how do I save a document.." - do you mean how do you sync a document on a mac to an iPad and bring it up, work on it, etc?


    If so, you copy your doc to iTunes to sync.  Connect the Ipad to mac, start iTunes, under devices click on your iPad.  In the right panel, in the upper tabs, choose "apps".  In that panel, scroll down to the Pages listing.  Then drag your doc into the "Pages Documents" panel.  Then sync.


    In iPad, open Pages.  At the bottom of the opening page, click the icon with an arrow going down into a box and choose "Copy from iTunes".  That will bring the file into Pages and add it to your collection.  Just double tap the document to open it.


    When done, press the "My Documents" at upper left.  That saves it.

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    ok i dont know if we are talking 6 of one, half doz the other, but hmm i have a doc on macbook. i did file save (on the MB), well initially that -what you said - was what i was thinking bu yea i guess i do.. i'll try it later- hopefully its not as confusing as it sounds

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    actually can i start it on my mbp, sync i pad, travel and work on it, get home sync back, etc?

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    Although pvonk pretty much nailed it.... This is a detailed, total "step by step" description of how to import Pages documents from your Mac to your iPad.


    To transfer a Pages document from the Mac to the iPad, do the following ...


    1. Connect your iPad to your Mac and launch iTunes.
    2. Launch Pages on your iPad.
    3. Click on your iPad name under "Devices" on the left side of iTunes on your Mac.
    4. Click on the  Apps Tab at the top of iTunes in the window on the right.
    5. Scroll down the window and click on Pages in the File Sharing box.
    6. Click on Add in the lower right corner of the Pages document box next to the list of file sharing apps.
    7. When the finder window opens, navigate to the place on your Mac where the file can be found.
    8. Select the file by and clicking on Choose. (you can also drag and drop the document into the Pages documents window as described by pvonk)
    9. Tap the down arrow icon in Pages on your iPad and select Copy from iTunes,
    10. The file name will appear in a window.
    11. Tap on that file and it will transfer to the iPad.
    12. Click on My Documents in the upper left corner of Pages on your iPad and the document will close and you are done.


    All documents on the iPad are automatically saved in the app in which they are created. There is no folder structure on the iPad like on your Mac. When you open Pages on the iPad, all of your documents will be visible as you swipe through the window.

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    This is how you transfer the Pages documents from your iPad to your Mac.


    1. Launch Pages on your iPad.
    2. Find the document in Pages that you want to transfer to your Mac.
    3. Click on the curved arrow icon at the bottom of the window and a dialog box pops up with several options.
    4. Tap on Send to iTunes.
    5. Select the file type that you want to use for the document (Pages)
    6. Connect your iPad to your Mac and launch iTunes,
    7. Select your device on the left side of iTunes.
    8. Then select Apps in the top of the iTunes window and scroll down to the File Sharing box.
    9. Select Pages and then sync.


    That document will now be transferred to your Mac and you will see it on the right side the box called Pages Documents in iTunes. You can click on the file in the Pages documents window in iTunes, select Save To and when the finder window opens, choose the folder that you want to store your Pages documents in on your Mac.


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    ok so that worked but how do you delete a file you no longer have?


    i trashed it from the MBP.. in itunes and the ipaid is like greyed out.. is there forever ?

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    whoops never mind, i figured it out