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It's like that comic, "A bored hacker is a frightening thing." Apple obviously has bored or malicious people on hand. For instance, i am typing this in a box that apparently has a default width of 1024 pixels. Yet, my screen is only 1024x768, so it's partially offsceen and there's *nothing i can do about it*. It's also very slow, dropping chars, etc. (bec. of forced RTF text?)  The whole methodology of getting to diff forums is now extremely cumbersome and queer. Things (e.g. forum list scroll window) also go off the *bottom* of my screen (default 768 height?) so it takes several extra mouse clicks to get anywhere. Plus, the nice, functional layout for everything from "making a new post" to editing your post to footnoting your particular type of computer (i now have to "add or edit my products") has been made barely functional.  W-T-F? 


Only someone with nothing better to do would make these changes and more.  Someone trying to hold onto their job never would because they'd be fired the next day. Please change back to the old format or else fix these things! Thanks.