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When importing/ripping my audiobooks on CD into iTunes I normally use the program Audiobook Builder to do all of the conversion work for me.  However, I have just been given an audiobook that provides either 12 CDs, or one mp3 disk with the book.  I would assume that importing from the one mp3 disk would be faster/easier than from all 12 audio CDs.  Audiobook Builder does not recognize the mp3 format, and I can not find a way for iTunes to import the tracks as an audiobook.  From this discussion group I have followed threads to sets of instructions, but they are all for much earlier versions of iTunes, such as iTune 6.  QUESTION:  With the current iTunes is there any easy way to have the program import an mp3 audiobook as an iTunes audiobook which I can transfer to my iPod?  If not, are there any third party programs such as Toast that would do this for me?  Thanks!