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Printer not found

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    If you provide more info somebody might be able to help : printer model, how are you trying to print to it (e.g. Airprint), what app are you trying to print from.

  • shawnfromparkville Level 1 Level 1

    Hp photosmart premium. No app just the just the print option from photo

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    Is it on the list of Airplay enabled HP printers? I don't know if all "photosmart premiums" are.

  • Clay Schneider Level 2 Level 2

    Assuming the OP means the c310a 'hp photosmart premium' -- aka hp photosmart premium e-AIO, yes it is on the list -- both apple's list and hp's list -- see:





    And when it works, it works great.  But sadly, it appears to only work randomly.  Half the time I come home with my ipad2, it connects just fine to my home network, it can download email, etc, but if I go to print a web page or email, no printer.  Other times, it is fine.  [If, at the same time, I go to one or another PC in the house, they can all talk to the c310a just fine].  Mine is going back to Costco.  The ipad/ipod connectivity was the only reason I bought it.

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    I have the same problem too. Neitner with my IPAD 1 or my IPOD Touch find the HP Photosmart 310c via AirPrint.

    I have checket out all hinds in the WEB. From Booting Router Printer I-devices Add the last firmware on the printer and and and. I have no more idear. The best Thing and the end: the e-Print Service from Hp Works fine from the Idevices. Very fast good Print results. Strange i can send a Print Job via cloud over the half World but the Devices are unable to find my Printer one yard in Front off my by Best wifi Connection in the Same Network. It seems to me that todays AirPrint is not the finest Hour of Apple. I hope there will Be an Progress in iOS 5 . In Germany we say it is like to Melk a Mouse ....

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    It sounds like your WiFi router does not correctly handle Bonjour data required by AirPrint.  If that is the case, it may be possible to make it work by changing the router's setup or by updating its firmware.  Otherwise you may need a newer WiFi router.


    I agree that AirPrint is a sort of black eye for Apple because of its incompatibility with older routers, as well as HP being the only source of compatible printers.  But that doesn't seem to dampen the world's enthusiasm for iPads!



  • Clay Schneider Level 2 Level 2

    If it never worked, I'd be first in line for a new router.  But when it works 'sometimes' but not 'always', I find it real, real hard to believe the problem is with something as dumb as a router.  Printer, maybe.  Ipad, maybe.  But I ain't about to play router-roulette with the hope that somehow, a switch that more or less just repeats what it hears is the source of the problem -- a problem which so many have reported with this printer and this ipad -- but yet,  apparently, with no common router brand or model as part of the 'it don't work' equation !!!

  • Armin_18 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Fred,

    Thank you for yor hind. My Router is a new Easy Box from Vodafone 2 month old with last firemware version. Yesterday I have sell the app Print' n Share and with this app the communikation between ipad and printer works fine. So i am happy but I didn' t understand why it works with the app.  Strange effect.  


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    Ive never used a forum and unsure if I'm responding correctly. Bear with me.......... I just opened my hp c310 and am having no problems printing from the eservices app. Neither my iPad or my iPhone can find the printer, both are up to date... I've run the tests to make sure the printer is working and it says it is. I AM GOING CRAZY! What am I doing wrong ?