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Regards to all the members of the community.


I just bought an iPad 2 and wanted to facetime with my dad (Different locations, both on iPads). However as my dad dialed I did not get the iPad 2 to ring or notify me of an incoming call. Oddlt when I called him, his iPad did ring but when he answered, while his iPad tried to connect, mine kept ringing and ringing and ringing...


So I tried facetime from my iPhone to his iPad and viceversa, and it worked like a charm. Then on the mac and I had the same issued that on the iPad 2. My apple ID is working and I have 3 email addresses verified and linked to it (.mac, .me and .gmail). This is very odd and would like to see if you guys could help me out.


Oh and before any of you tells me to turn Facetime on on the iPado or to visit the "Using iPad" link, beleive me I've already have and there are no answers regarding this issue. There are other discussions on the forums talking about the same issue. So can an apple Rep please see to this as soon as possible?



iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
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    I suspect there are some serious kinks to be addressed in Facetime. I too bought ipad2 and have gone around and around for hours trying to connect just to my iMac (after buying the FT app for it). None of the tech help worked, it always goes on to 'oh, it must be your firewall or something. I finally called tech help and he just sent me more links, which I wasted more time on. Each device wouuld show my face, dial the other device, NOT connect, or say the other was busy. THEN, I thought, oh, each device must use a different email address, so it won't 'be busy'. Nothing.  After an hour of going back and forth, turning off firewalls and the Symantic firewall, etc. I gave up. Each device would only show my face on it, but not broadcast one to the other. It's funny how easy it was to get Skype, dial a number and be talking to someone in Europe minutes later, no problem! Why is FT so arcane and complicated?? I thought Apple stuff was susposed to be easy and intuitve?? Obviously not anymore. God, this is as bad as trying to set up a new router.

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    I have never been able to get my iPad2 to call my iMac or viceversa. they always say they're busy. I called Aplle help and instead of walking me through, they sent me more confusing arcane directions. Nothing makes you feel more stupid when you can't figure this stuff out. I'm thinking of just selling the **** thing. There's no reason why Apple products have gotten less and less intuitive the last few years. My DiskUtility disappeared on my iMac and I haven't been able to replace it. It's one thing if Disk Warrior won't work since Snow Leopard was introduced, but I'm tired of wasting hours of fiddling around and researching solutions to problems.

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    I have the same issue. It would be nice if we could get a real fix for this issue. I thought it was because my MacBook pro was calling my ipad2 under the same email, so I added another email address and it still does the same. It gets very frustrating when I'm out of town and want to see my kid and can't make a FaceTime call.


    Apple will you help us?

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    So, I also have a similar problem.

    I don't have a Macbook or anything to test it with, but my ipad2 just will not connect to another ipad2 using facetime.


    I ring my mum and she says she hears/sees nothing. She rings me, I see and hear it ring, answer and then it just says it is connecting and nothing happens.


    We are both on wifi  (one in Australia, one in Chile), both have the latest operating system, both have done a proper reboot. Stopped and started the facetime again... nada!


    I wish skype would produce an ipad app. At the moment, we just use the iphone app on the ipad, which is ok, but hey, I bought my ipad2, so I could use facetime!!!!!


    Apple please respond on what else we can try, as I have tried everything all the forums have suggested and it just will not work.

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    Thank you all for your replies and follow-ups. I have found a solution. It's rather odd but it worked. I was trying to use Facetime on my home network with my ISP and still had no connection. HOWEVER, I went to a Local Coffee shop and:


    1. Logged in to the free wifi

    2. Fired up Face Time

    3. Asked a friend to call me

    4. Bam. It worked.


    After that I was able to call other Facetime users and successfully connect. I don't know why but once you log to a public Wifi, it works. Then I came back to my house and It worked on my home network. odd but trust me it worked.

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    Very odd indeed, but I guess I will have to give it a try, since nothing else is working.

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    Skype has an iPhone app that works on the iPad.  Yes, it's not optimized for the iPad but it's free and does work.

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    I think that if any of us wanted to use Skype, we wouldn't have started this thread. Ugh.

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    Have to say really disappointed with Apple on this one.  I love them and am not going anywhere, but hopefully there are a bunch of really smart engineers whose job it is to watch these boards and realize there is a huge issue here.  I am certain they are working on it and will send a fix soon...


    I have an Mac Mini, iPhone 4 and iPad2.  I have the same issue as everyone here, BUT only with the iPad to Mac.  I have no issues between the iPad and iPhone.  Additionally, I have no issues between Mac and iPhone.  It is the stinking iPad to Mac where everthing breaks down - at least for me. 


    At this point I will try the insane solution that Joe got to work - thanks Joe!  Matter of fact, I will try anything at this point...

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    Same problem here. It was working fine for first few weeks on my parent's iPad2. Now no connection either way. It just simply stopped working. Tried logging out, using different account etc, restart Ipad2. Nothing.


    At least Skype is working consistently.

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    See this thread on how to fix facetime.

    It worked for me.

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    I agree - it worked for me like a charm. I was so mad that i bought 2 ipads and they wouldnt connect. I set the DNS to on both ipads and it worked just fine.

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    yes can confirm changing the DNS on theiOS device (like our iPAD2) to (google) make the ipad2 successful in intiating FACETIME calls and now answres them ok.... yes scary!.




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