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My boss brought me his daughters MacBook running 10.6.5 with the following problem.  When she logs in, the account takes a long time to login and as soon as it is finished it logs her out and sends her back to the login screen.


I tested and found the same problem.  Once the dock and Finder appear, you have like 5 seconds before it kicks you right out.


A few things I did notice: 

  • When the desktop comes up, it appears to be an active desktop with changing pictures;
  • When the Dock does come up, there are lots of Question Mark icons, one I was able to tell was the System Preferences - but that could just be because it hasn't linked back in the time before it kicks you out.


Other than that, I just cannot stay in there long enough to do or check anything.  A few things that I did try doing to troubleshoot:

  • I tried booting from an install disk and running Disk Repair and Permission repair, to no avail;
  • I tried resetting the NVRAM and PRAM - it did nothing;
  • I tried SAFE BOOT - same thing happened...


If this were any other computer, I would boot in Target Disk mode and backup everything and try to re-install OS X, but since it is a MacBook, there is no FW port...


Anyone know what I can try next or have any ideas or possible solutons?