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Can I update a time machine backup without booting from the original source drive?

My main Macbook Pro internal drive seemed to have died. I had not backed up in months so my Time Machine backup was old.

I replaced the drive with a new one and settled for restoring from the old TM backup because my latest info was on the dead drive and not backed up.


I just plugged the "broken" drive into a dock and it mounted.

It won't boot from the drive but I can mount it and copy from it so far.

I now want to update my Time Machine backup with the info on the 'broken" drive while it's able to be mounted.

How can I accomplish this without booting from the 'broken" drive and running time machine.



I need to update a Time Machine backup using another hard drive without booting from the source (as I cannot). Both drives are connected via USB to my MBP and I am booted from another MBP. I want to end up with the newer info from the "broken" drive updating my older Time Machine backup.


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    Time Machine will only be able to backup whilst booted into OSX, so unless you can mount the drive, and boot up the OS that is installed on the disk, then no, you will not be able to run a Time Machine backup of that drive.


    You could image the drive onto another using Disk Utility