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So, I want to put ringtones onto a Verizon iPhone 4.


I already had ringtones for my other phone that were cut down to the right size.  I followed instructions on the web that said to change the file extension to .m4r, which I did, but it will not show up in iTunes when I drag it over or try to add to library.


Can anyone please give me an easy way to do the ringtones?  I have all the updated software.  I'm using iTunes for Mac.


Or maybe a suggestion for a program that makes ringtones?




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    Actually, since you have a mac, garageband will work perfectly for your needs. Just open it up and hit iphone ringtone and then import whatever sound file you'd like. It will automatically repeat it for you give you a line that tells you how long it needs to be. When you are done, click Export>Send Ringtone to iTunes and it will automatically be sent to the right place.