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KairoScelus Level 1 Level 1

Ipod is Disabled connect to itunes , plug it to itunes nothing pops up and it wont let me recover...

iPod touch, iOS 2.x
Reply by likeabird on Apr 20, 2011 5:47 PM Helpful



You cannot recover?  Do you mean restore?  Place your iPod in Recovery Mode and restore it that way. 


Hope this helps! 



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  • likeabird Level 2 Level 2



    You cannot recover?  Do you mean restore?  Place your iPod in Recovery Mode and restore it that way. 


    Hope this helps! 



  • KairoScelus Level 1 Level 1

    Itunes dos not pick it up

  • planb77 Level 7 Level 7

    Did you try placing the iPod in Recovery Mode as suggested?  If you need instructions on how to do this, see this Apple support document.


  • IAmJLau Level 1 Level 1

    The issue might be that the iPoad was locked out due to too many unsuccessful passcode login attempts.


    If this is the case, then you will have to connect the iPod to the comptuer that it was last synced with and then try and restore from there.


    Hope ths helps.



  • TeenTitan Level 4 Level 4

    when you plug it in, dose the ipod at least detect a power source and start charging? Dose the ipod show the connected to computer screen?

  • BguyTheKing Level 1 Level 1

    Turn off your iPod
    Hold the home button and put in the Cable in the ipod with itunes open on the computer.
    Then you can restore it

  • friedTOFUoppa Level 1 Level 1

    i think i have the same problem, because my ipod doesn't charge at all, and itunes doesn't recognize it either, so this is the constant screen on my ipod:


    it keeps saying that i need to insert a disk to find the driver software, but that was never given to me, and i never needed it before..

  • paulm12 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem, first the usb itunes screen (pic above) showed up randomly.  The computer recognized it at first, saying it was in recovery mode, blah blah.  I tried to take it out of recovery mode, but the moment it shut off, the apple logo appeared and didn't go away.  This kept happening, so eventually, I chose to 'restore' in itunes.  It began to download and install this ipod software update (I'm pretty sure I already had the update).  After that, I got this wierd error message, saying I couldn't restore.  The ipod, which had the apple logo since the first restore, was then "unidentified" by itunes, and it dissapeared off of the devices list. (Note I did not even touch the cable, and it wasn't syncing anyways)  I tried some other ipod USB's, done the recovery mode thing about 10 times, but no avail.  Every time I try to do the recovery mode, the screen shuts off for about a second, then the apple logo appears and stays there until I try to recover it again.  I have tried almost everything; plugging it back into the computer, plugging it into another computer that it has been recognized on before (which by the way is a mac).  I've restarted the computer a number of times, checked for updates for itunes, and searched the web for solutions, but nothing.  This is a 4rth gen 32gb ipod. 

  • billyandshawna Level 1 Level 1

    We had the same problem with our Ipod. This information helped out tremendously. Thank you so much.

  • wolfie2800 Level 1 Level 1

    I had that problem too. What I had to do was unplug USB cable from ipod and turn it off and them i held down the home button while plugging in the USB cable and it should turn on. When you see the I tunes logo and a cord picture ((Like how it looked like when you bought it)) you can let go of the home button. Then go to itunes on your computer and you should see a restore button. Click that and your ipod should enable. Im having the same problem but my computer is like not letting me click the Restore button it shouldnt happen to u though.. Hope this helped!!

  • breneisha1234 Level 1 Level 1

    thanks for the advice my ipod now is ready to go....and update yayy thanks

  • OppieT Level 1 Level 1

    What if you don't have the computer that your iPod was synced to last?

    And your iPod shows "iPod disabled, connect to iTunes"?

  • OppieT Level 1 Level 1

    And you don't get the slider bar when trying to turn it off.

    Is it now a brick?

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