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My new ipad 2 will connect to wifi, but it will not connect to the internet or any apps.  It will synch with itunes when i plug it into my mac.  It is not a problem with my wifi because i have a friend here with an ipad that has no problem connecting.


Please help!!!! ... i've read all the blogs ... i've try resetting, rebooting, reconnecting, powering on/off ... nothing is working.. Did i buy a lemon?

iPad 2
  • goodtimemate Level 1 Level 1

    Hmm... you have an odd ipad there. I think that you have purchased a faulty ipad, but I may be proved wrong. So if you've just purchased it, you should have warranty. Take it in for a check.

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    I had a problem connecting my iPad to my home network.  I'm using a Netgear 802.11 b+g router.  I had to change the broadcast "channel number" from "auto" (usually channel 1) to '5' in order for my iPad to connect.


    I am not broadcasting the SSID and require a password to connect and your MAC address (that's the hardware address 'burned in' to your WIFI transmitter) must be registered with the router.


    --Paul E Musselman

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    Other people have reported this- it has to do with dual-band routers where both bands have the same SSID.  I just turned off my "N" router, but they also suggest just changing them to different names.

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    I just purchased a new 32Gb iPad 2 and cannot connect to the internet at home. Despite the device showing successful connection to WiFi. As soon as I launch Safari is says that I'm not connected to the Internet. Despite checking, rechecking and clearing settings and re-entering them agin all to no avail.  My laptop and other laptops at home all connect faultlessly to the wifi and indicate an excellent signal strength.

    My service provider is BT Internet using a BT Infinity 2 hub with current firmware.

    I am horrified to see so many people with wifi reliability issues, clearly there is a major problem here, I see no positive sounds coming from Apple.

    Does any one else have problems with a BT hub or a solution that could help connecting my iPad 2 to the Internet.


    Adrian Jones