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I just installed facetime for mac and when I try to sign in it says Could not sign in. Please check your network connections and try again.  My Network is fine and I tried changing the DNS to and as stated in some discussions and it still doesn't work.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Are you able to connect to the internet ok?


    Do you have any other devices you could test FaceTime on? iPod, iPhone iPad?


    Also, try signing into http://appleid.apple.com with your details, and see how that goes.


    You may also want to check out the following KBase articles:


    Using FaceTime behind a firewall


    FaceTime requirements


    Signing in to FaceTime



    Good Luck

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    I have been experiencing the same authentication issue with Facetime for Mac on SnowLeopard v10.6.7. The error I received was exactly the same : Unable to login, check network connections.  I changed my DNS Primary and Seconary lookups to, and, which interestingly were part of the Class A network block my former company, GTE Internetworking, used to own, and sure enough, that resolved the bug. What's more interesting is that I changed the DNS entries back to the my original and it still worked!  It seems that this DNS issue is a one-time software initialization/registration issue for FaceTime. I've never heard of such a quirk.  Note: I did certify that my Apple ID (SSO) was working in the course of troubleshooting...so it is important to make sure that the e-mail address you intend to use with AppleID (SSO) is verified.


    FYI: The FW advice for home users doesn't make much sense because most low-end router-based FWs do not block outbound traffic by default.  The FW advise only applies to MAC owners inside corporate firewalls or Internet cafe's where outbound dataflows are strongly censored or restricted.


    Thanks for the tip.



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    How do you change your DNS Primary and Secondary lookups to those numbers?

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    kylefromdraper wrote:


    How do you change your DNS Primary and Secondary lookups to those numbers?

    Click the  > System Preferences -> Network. Choose your network interface from the left (Airport, Ethernet, etc.). From here choose Advanced -> DNS and then click the + in the bottom left to add a new DNS entry.

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    I too am having issues logging into Facetime. Here is the error message: "Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again".  This is a recent issue and have never encountered this problem before. And, yes my network connection appears to be working fine otherwise.


    Steps I have tried insofar:


    1. Added DNS and to airport, router and ethernet

    2. Checked local host and appeared alright

    3. Checked keychain for iphone certificate but did not have an entry in keychain

    4. Restarted and performed permission fixes with disk utility

    5. Deleted com.apple.applepushserviced.plist

    6. Reset appleid password thinking I may have been entering the wrong password

    7. Created a new appleid and verified email address and still no luck

    8. Checked and unchecked automatically set time setting with no success

    9. Confirmed I could still log into itunes store and had no issues there

    10. Reset my router and modem and even enabled DMZ in router to eliminate any thought that the router was blocking communication but no success loging in still.


    Note I came accros a post about someone who called apple support and advised their motherboard needed to be serialized. I too have a motherboard that was replaced by Apple under warranty and the service provided forgot to serialize my board, it reads: "System Serial#". Can anyone confirm if this is the source of my Facetime issue?  I find this very odd because I have been using Facetime for sometime and then it stops working.


    Anyone have any other suggestions? ie. deletion of any other potentially corrupted preference files.


    Any suggestions are very much welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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    UPDATE: I have been succesful logging into Facetime on my wife's macbook, but still no success with my mackbook pro. So the network is fine.  Perhaps it is the serial number being absent on the motherboard? Can someone confirm if Facetime checks this before I go see an apple service representative.


    Any other thougths?