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ok, hey guys


heres my problem, i have been able to update my ipad before and what not but for some reason now, it will not restore or update at all. i even try to restore manually and nothing help.


if i try o restore normally i get

     "There was a problem downloading the software for the ipad "ipadname" the reausted resource was not found."


So then i try the whole shift click restore, for either 4.3 or 4.2 iso and still no luck i end up getting hanged on the "verifying ipad restore with apple store"

     "the ipad "ipadname" could not be restored. an unknown error occureed (3194)

i read all the troublshooting steps for that error, and eyet none have shown to be of any help.


so then i tryed doing it on a MAC on a completely diffrent network with a diffrent isp and what not, still no help.


any ideas?


curretn iso on the ipad is 4.2



windows 7

iPad, iOS 4.2, can not upgrade or restore ipad