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I can't imagine what is going on.  I have 100's of duplicates on my notepad.   I turned off syncing of notes on my iPhone 4 and my ipad 2.  How can I dump these without manually deleting each one?  Why are they duplicating?

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    can someone tell me how to remove duplicate notes?   I have 100's of the same ones and not sure how that even happened. 

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    me too

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    Do you have a gmail account set up on your iPad?  If so, are you syncing notes (you can see that in the mail account settings).  If you have notes syncing turned on, you will have a folder in your gmail account called notes.  If you go to Gmail on a regular mac or pc you can see the folder (label) called notes.  If you click on it you will see all the duplicated notes.  You can either select them all, or search on the ones that were duplicated and easily delete them all that way.


    I had a dozen notes and only one of them duplicated (over 2000) times.  I still haven't figured out why yet, but the delete worked.

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    Temporary Solution:


    Given: Enabled IMAP on your Apple Mail.


    Problem: When you add a New Note through your Apple Mail , it automatically generates a message in your gmail account. What it does is save the message with a "Notes" label on it. Once you fill in the contents of your New Note, it replaces the title of the New Note only! on your Apple Mail account. However, this DOES NOT delete the New Note in your gmail account even though you've replaced it by adding contents to your new note.


    Solution: Create a filter in your gmail account with a From: "gmail.com" and Subject: "New Note".


    *Most Importantly*, go to the Inbox tab in your Gmail account settings and select Filtered Mail: Override Filters.

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    In addition, if you delete your note in your Apple Mail, it only removes the Label in your Gmail Account. It can still be found in your Mail because, as I previously mentioned, it is generated as a message.

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    If you want to permanently delete a message from your Apple Mail account and your Gmail Account, delete the message in your [Gmail] All Mail folder and do the following:


    under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tap in your Gmail Settings:


    Set your IMAP Access to: Enable IMAP, Auto-Expunge Off and Immediately delete the message forever.

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    Thank you

    This tip works great.


    I first

    Enable IMAP, Auto-Expunge Off and Immediately delete the message forever.

    Then I went back Apple Mail and selected the notes I wanted to get rid of and deleted them.


    They do not show anymore.



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    This worked for me, too.  Just discovered your answer when I finally found this discussion.



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    The reason it duplicates is when you edit the note in any way. It wants to save your new note with the new contents you have added to it. So that's why there are dates next to the notes.

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    @Chrisseytina. This is over 3 years old and it had nothing to do with editing Since not one of the notes were edited.  It was a bug.  Please note dates when you reply to these posts especially since it's not a current oroblem..  Your help is appreciated  but it was a bug and was corrected with an update some 6 months later. With an update.  Thank you though.