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My son installed the update on iTunes, and now iTunes will not run.  He's using Windows 7.  I'm not sure the version of the update, because obviously I cannot check it, but I'm pretty sure it was at least iTunes 10.


When I try to open the program, I get the message, "iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing.  Please reinstall iTunes."


I have tried to uninstall iTunes, and it says, "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."


I have tried to just download iTunes and install again, and I get, "The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it."


I've read on this board about a previous problem like this, and it says to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.  That utility is no longer available on the Microsoft site.


He cannot use his iTunes now, and it's really frustrating. 


Can anyone help me fix this?


Thank you!



iPod nano, Windows 7
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    It sounds as though you need the cleanup utility.


    Unfortunately  the Microsoft Installer Cleanup utility has been withdrawn by Microsoft because of compatibility issues with Microsoft Office so you will need to find a copy elsewhere – the installer ismsicuu2.exe. You need version 3.


    Google msicuu2.exe download

    mydigitallife in the above search has a copy of version 3


    Checkfor malware before installing it.


    After installing, To run the program  – All Programs>>Windows Install

    If you get  permission denied error, Try Run as Administrator – an option if you right click on the program.


    Before using the utility I would try to uninstall all the components of iTunes using the following method:



    Any program that will not uninstall will need cleanup - it may be just iTunes.


    When you run the utility, look for iTunes and remove it. Do the same if any of the other programs will not uninstall.

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    This worked - thank you so much!