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Hi Everyone,


This may not be in the right forum, but there doesn't happen to be a GSX forum so I'll just put it here (since the machine in question is in fact a Macbook).


Anyway, here's my question: Is there a list somewhere on Apple's site that gives me the definitions of all the abbreviations seen in GSX? (I'm talking mainly about ones used for return statuses and parts.)


For example, I have a carry-in repair to replace the top case and display bezel for a Macbook. Apple has shipped me the part, and I know that there is a 10-day window for me to ship back the defective one. However, I'm not sure that I even have to ship this one back. The "Return status" field in GSX indicates that this part is "NRET" - which I assume means "no return," but I want to be sure so that I don't get  charged a restocking fee.


There are other abbreviations frequently used (I know what a couple of them stand for such as DOA or KBB) but there does not seem to be any kind of comprehensive (or even partial) list of what all the abbreviations stand for.


I've tried searching the Knowledge Base as well as the GSX User Manual to no avail. Any suggestions?

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