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AppleCare told me to plug the Apple TV into the iMac using ethernet to transfer the iTunes content faster with less glitches.  But how do I see the Apple TV screen on my iMac to configure it???  When I connect Apple TV using ethernet, nothing appears on the iMac screen.

Apple TV, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Ho Lee MACkeral Level 4 (2,185 points)

    I didn't realize that was possible.  But if it is then you're not going to see the Appe TV screen. It might work the same way as an iDevice.  Good luck.

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    Are you talking about an AppleTV2 or one? The original will show up in iTunes,but I think you have to tell it to use an ethernet connection through the Apple TV settings. You have to have the Apple TV connected to a TV and access the settings through the AppleTV.

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    This only applies if you have a first generation Apple TV. Also I hope you have a router and are not connecting the ATV directly to the iMac.


    Usually I sync my First Generation Apple TV wirelessly, but sometimes I'll have some huge media files I want to sync on it which can take a long time. In those cases all you do is connect your Apple TV via ethernet cable to the same router your iMac is connected to. Don't worry about it not being connected to a tv because all you are going to do is SYNC your Apple TV. If you do not see your Apple TV in iTunes, turn off the Apple TV, and quit iTunes. Then turn on the Apple TV first, wait a minute and then start iTunes. Once iTunes sees the Apple TV, manage your content, then sync it.


    Once the Apple TV has completed its sync, quit iTunes. Unplug your Apple TV, and then put the device back by the TV you want to enjoy the content on.


    I have done such a thing a few times and it works flawlessly.