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Ok, I've been using this coupon printing plugin from coupons.com and it works on safari and firefox... I recently updated to firefox 4, and safari from 5 to 5.05... Ever since it hasn't been working.... I have uninstalled and installed these multiple times... I have downloaded an earlier version of firefox (firefox 3.6.16) and it still does not work.. Please someone help!! My life revolves around coupons and without this plugin, it wont be good.

Mac OS X (10.6.7), firefox 4, safari 5.05
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    Repair permissions and restart your computer.  If that does not work, contact the manufacturer. 

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    I just got off the phone with coupons.com support. They said that their software isn't working right with the recent update to Mac OS X (which affects firefox and safari).  They are aware of the issue, are working on a long term solution AND have a temporary work around which works for MOST users. They are actually having problems with the main coupons.com site right now so he couldn't help me try the work around, but he is going to call me back later today once the site is working. I will post the solution on the couponmom forum so I don't have to update a ton of different forum sites.