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Hey all, I have been seriouly thinking of buying Mac Book Pro 2010 model (one with Nvidia GPU in it)  I almost bought one few months back, but I couldn't get monthly payment option in Bestbuy.. And I ened up buy Asus laptop lol. As my old desktop cpu was getting old. Anywho.. I use to use Mac long ago in Highschool and they have come a long way since system 7.

I have always wanted a Mac, Tired of mircsoft Bs and all virus/spyware and other crap. Just couldn't afford one.

But hopefully that will be soon.


I have been checking on-line and reading the reviews of the new Mac Book Pro 2011 models. I also notice they are now using ATI/Amd video GPU in then. Most people are not liking them,  Being that I am gamer, I do want decent laptop with atlest half decent video card.  I have read a lot reviews on older Mac book pro's wih Nvida gpu. I myself like Nvidia over Ati.

Anywho i hope I can still get one before they are gone. My Question is...

I love new i7 Cpu in my Asus has 8 cores in it.. Runs at 1.73 ghz & Boost upto 2.9 Ghz.. (intel core i7 740QM cpu )

I'd love get that same Cpu in Mac book Pro with decent Nvida gpu...


Can I still order or buy Macbook pro with Intel i7 cpu and still have Nvidia Gpu. Even though most Mac stores/ other computer stores that sell Mac have 2011 version with Crapy Ati Cards in then?


Or once they gone, They gone? If I can order one, I just dont want miss out on good laptop.


If anybody knows. Please get back to me, So know if I should be concerned or not. Thank you very much


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    Being that I am gamer, I do want decent laptop with atlest half decent video card.

    Macs are not really known as a "gamer" computer.  You will do best to stick with a pc, psp, Xbox which are excellent gamer products.  Especially if you are a serious gamer.


    Can I still order or buy Macbook pro with Intel i7 cpu and still have Nvidia Gpu.

    Try Apple's reburbish website - http://http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/specialdeals/mac and any online vendor store that sells Macs.  Do a Google search for such vendors.  MacMall is one of them.

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    Thanks CMCSK for the quick reply.  I know mac aren't really much for gaming but they are getting better compared to what they use to be.(back 2001).  I already own both Ps3/360 and I still have this new Asus i7 Laptop. which has avg Ati 5730 Gpu in it (1 Gig Vram). Its puts my old home built Pentium D 3ghz desktop to shame.. WinVista 7/ older 8800Gts video card..


    But yeah will the Mac Book Pro 2010 that had Nvidia gpu be discontinued soon? or hard to get later? I just can't afford one after buying this Asus, But hopefully 3-4months I can then..


    Just wondering if they are going be hard to get. Maybe I'll have to ask family member to loan me the cash, Then I'll pay them back..  if the 2010 become hard to get..


    Ps That link does not work for me,

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    The new Ati GPUs are alot faster than the previous Nvidia GPUs!!!

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    Actaully No...They aren't as good or as fast as Nvidia 330M Gpu..


    Older MacBook pro 15.4 inch with Nvidia Gefore GT 330M (2010)



    New Ati/Amd Radeon HD 6490M in Macbook pro 15.4 inch (2011)



    The older MacBook pro with Nvida Gpu has more memory Bus width.

    Faster memory speed and shader speed..


    Yes new macbook have faster 4 Core, i7 in them. Where 2010 only

    had 2 cores for i5 and i7..


    Check your stats for yourself... the new Ati is also only 64 Bit memory..

    Thats going create alot bottlenecks and lag..


    If I want to play say.. Portal 2, or Starcraft 2. I'm sure it would lag on ATI card..


    My current Asus i7 1.73 ghz  has better ATI Card then curent 2011 MBP.



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    Thanks , Still no go for in my FireFox.. says site can't be found.. Perhaps only for USA?

    Weird tho....


    but yea. Will the 2010 be discontinued if you know? I just don't want miss out if there is limited supply of them..


    Thanks again thou CMCSK.


    Oh the only other question I've  wondered about Mac Book Pro.

    Can they do Dolby Digital 5.1sound? 

    If so, How would? Some kind of add on USB adaptor for Firbe optic or HDMI?

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    Production of the 2010 models was discontinued when the 2011 models were released in late February. There may be some 2010 standard models still in stock here and there, but you'll have to search them out, and you won't be able to order a built-to-order 2010 model any more.

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    I guess I better save up and try grab one before 2010 are all gone..

    Thanks for answer Eww.