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Hey all, I have been seriouly thinking of buying Mac Book Pro 2010 model (one with Nvidia GPU in it)  I almost bought one few months back, but I couldn't get monthly payment option in Bestbuy.. And I ened up buy Asus laptop lol. As my old desktop cpu was getting old. Anywho.. I use to use Mac long ago in Highschool and they have come a long way since system 7.

I have always wanted a Mac, Tired of mircsoft Bs and all virus/spyware and other crap. Just couldn't afford one.

But hopefully that will be soon.


I have been checking on-line and reading the reviews of the new Mac Book Pro 2011 models. I also notice they are now using ATI/Amd video GPU in then. Most people are not liking them,  Being that I am gamer, I do want decent laptop with atlest half decent video card.  I have read a lot reviews on older Mac book pro's wih Nvida gpu. I myself like Nvidia over Ati.

Anywho i hope I can still get one before they are gone. My Question is...

I love new i7 Cpu in my Asus has 8 cores in it.. Runs at 1.73 ghz & Boost upto 2.9 Ghz.. (intel core i7 740QM cpu )

I'd love get that same Cpu in Mac book Pro with decent Nvida gpu...


Can I still order or buy Macbook pro with Intel i7 cpu and still have Nvidia Gpu. Even though most Mac stores/ other computer stores that sell Mac have 2011 version with Crapy Ati Cards in then?


Or once they gone, They gone? If I can order one, I just dont want miss out on good laptop.


If anybody knows. Please get back to me, So know if I should be concerned or not. Thank you very much


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