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Hi guys i am having some issues in my new mac environment. I have a windows network with an server 2008 active directory. I have just recentlly created a "magic triangle" setup with active directory and open directory. When my users login via windows their home folders mount perfect. When any user logs in to any iMac in the building it does not work. They login perfectly fine, but their home folders do not mount. When i try mounting them manually with smb, i get a prompt for credentials. I am thinking this is my issue, my Single sign on with kerbos is working but for some reason is not logging in correctly. If i type in my credentials with my domain first then my name it works.


For example DOMAIN\jsmith works, but the way i think the mac and active directory is doing it now is just jsmith without the DOMAIN.


I feel like this is the problem with the home folders not mounting.



Can anyone provide some help with this?