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In Numbers (Ipad version), is there a way to add several row or columns at a time? Instead of doing the one at a time thing. Somehow to add 2 to X number of rows or columns in between.


Or scroll up or down faster in large worksheets? Some kind of speed scrolling. Carpal tunnel syndrome starting here in my index finger. Sos



If not please take note of this Apple Iwork people. I would greatly appreciate this in the next upgrade.



Thanks. cheers.

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    I am not sure about the one at a time thing, can you explain further. The formula fill functionality works pretty good. Please give us some more detail and we can try to help more.


    As for apple listening, that does not happen here.

    Please visit http://www.apple.com/feedback and let them know your suggestions.



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    Hi, jason,


    By the one at a time thing I meant that as far as I know if I want to add rows somwhere in between in the worksheet I have to tap the worksheets left margin to get the gray sliders, then tap again and get the "cut, copy, paste, delete, insert" tabs, than tap "insert", and I get one row. If I want to add a second row, I have to tap the gray slider again, than the tabs, and insert. If I need to add x number of rows in different parts in a worksheet this task becomes a pain...


    Many thanks, I will send feedback to apple.





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    now i got you, and yes one row at a time *in the middle of other rows of data* is one at a time.


    One alternative method that might work.

    • Add a column that has each row numbered. (dont use a formula, fill down straight numbers)
    • at the point you want to add fifty rows, change the next row down to the previous +2.
      • i.e. if you wanted to add 50 rows between 5 and 6, make row 6 #7 and fill down from there.
    • At the bottom of the table add your xx rows using the drag handle.
    • Number those rows all 6. (in our example)
    • sort by that column, you will now have xx rows inserted in the correct place between the old 5 ann 6.


    It sounds like alot, but it far less steps than adding 50 rows manually. Plus if you leave that column in, all you have to do later is change the row number where you want to add rows, fill down, add rows at bottom with the proper number. sort. done.


    Its a workaround, and I think that what you are asking for should be doable if we select multiple rows at once, Insert should still show up. I will go in later to http://www.apple.com/feedback and make the suggestion. If you do as well, it will logged multiple times. The more people that go in and log things, the more likely it is to get implemented.


    Thanks, and hope this helps out,


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    Hi, Jason,


    Many thanks for the workaround. I will go ahead and try it. And yes I will send them feedback also.


    I appreciate your help very much.





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    To insert multiple blank rows, select any number of rows from a blank area of the spreadsheet. Touch the row bar at the left of the block of blank rows until it appears to lift off the page. Drag and drop the block of blank rows to the desired insertion point. Essentially, what you are doing is using the move function to move a group of blank rows to the insertion point. This also works for inserting multiple columns.