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I bought an iPad 32 gb black wifi, but did not like the colour and sold it on ebay. I returned to the place where I bought it, 2 and a half weeks later (futureshop), and they said their all sold-out, so I called another authorized apple reseller (London Drugs) if they have any available, they said they do not have and if I would to like to be in their 15 page waiting list. So I thought, I'd just order in the online store since the shipping time has move down to just 1-2 weeks. But the problem is I do not own a credit card and I only own a paypal account. I still have the money that I got from selling my iPad and I'd like to use it. Does the apple canada online store accept paypal or debit card? if not, is there any other online store that accepts paypal and/or debit card in Canada? and how much does it cost to ship it? I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. Thanks for any help