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For some reason I don't understand, my iTunes is stuck downloading TWO copies of the same app (ESPN iScore baseball). the 15.7MB download always goes to 9.2MB then resets over and over again.  And there are two of them, I've tried deleting them from the iPad, from my computer, from iTunes but every time I launch the program iTunes Download shows:


  2 iTunes Downloads Available


and tries to redownload the duplicate files.


This is crazy!  I can't update them directly on the device, it tells me to plug into iTunes.


Help!  How can I get back to just downloading the ONE update.



  • Matthew McAlister Level 4 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    Find the file on your computer.

    Once you've found it, make sure iTunes is closed, then delete the file.

    Then try downloading the update from iTunes again.


    It may be a problem with iTunes' server. Many have reported issues (including myself) of the same situation on the Mac App Store with duplicate updates of certain apps.

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    Thank you, that seemed to finally work.

    I did as you suggested, quitting iTunes.  My iTurnes library is not on my main hard drive because of its size, (it's on a separate drive), so I to delete the file, I made two deletions.  First I went to:


    iTunes All:iTunes Music:Downloads


    and deleted the list.plist file there

    Then I went to:


    iTunes All:Mobile Applications


    And I deleted the iScore.ipa


    Finally, I relaunched iTurnes and went to the iTunes store, and "repurchased" the application, which told me I'd already bought it and it re-downloaded the program AND it's update without a problem.

    Thank you so much for your help.