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Mac OS X

1. How can I edit it so that it shows more than 4 "communities"  without scrolling? The 'Edit this widget doesn't help.

2. Organize it so the most important communities, such as this one, are at the top?

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    I don't think there is a way - I just tried to and cannot find any way to change anything except where to put the widget. Edit this widget does not offer anything.

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    Concur. It's useless.

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    I can get the Places to show me iChat and iSight but not a pared down link to Feedback about Discussions or either of the iChat and iChat Sharing in Leopard and Snow Leopard.


    I am using Refine This List buttons in those ?Categories to see what I want.

    However going on to read a post and even reply loses that Refined List when you go back to Discussions.


    I think my understanding of what a community is and what the Apple Support Communities has set as a Community differ somewhat.


    I do understand that a Bookmark works though if you save the Refined List (even with tags as well)

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    To paraphrase Monty Python


    "This is a late Widget.  It is no more. It has gone to meet it's Maker.  It is utterly pointless and without purpose. It wastes my computer CPU cycles (author's note...OK...I made the last bit up)"