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Last night im playing chess on my iphone4.

Then the iphone starts acting really slow and chuncky for no reason.

So i think, maybe i should i do a reboot. So i hold down the home button and the top button

at the same time for 15 seconds. The iphone shuts down and beggins to restart as normal.

then BAM i get this picture on the iphone. Its a usb plug going into an Itunes Icon.

My phone wont turn on. *** is going on ? This phone is not HACKED its not UNLOCKED.

Never dropped....


So not i plug it in to a computer with itunes. And now itunes says i have to do a full reset...

It says its going to remove ALL MY APPS / PICTURES / CONTACTS... ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I didnt do ANYTHING to my iphone. I was just playing chess.


Im going to SUE the F**K out of apple if i dont get ALL my apps / pictures / and contacts back.


*** is going on with my iphone ??????????