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Wow.  I just got back from a long week-end vacation to discover that the new community was here.  Takes some getting used to.  I have been looking to see how to do a private bookmark, since it seems that subscriptions are gone.  I had a number of those which I was following as I was learning different things and it seems I will have to start over.  But I would prefer that most of them not be open to everyone to see.  I have one bookmarked now and I can't tell if it is public or private.  Not that big a deal.  I have a few other questions about how this forum will work, but in the next few weeks I expect most of them will either be asked or I will find through searching someone else has asked them.


This is going to be a learning experience. 


Laverne's Mom

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    When you click on the Bookmark this link there is a checkbox marked Privacy which you can tick to ensure nobody else can see what you've marked for review.


    You can use Your Stuff...Bookmarks to view your bookmarks and Edit them if you want to change the privacy settings. Private bookmarks have a little padlock after the title.



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    hang in there Laverne's Mom, i'm in the same boat as you but if you give it a chance, it starts to grow on you!

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    Thank you.  I thought something ought to indicate it.  I guess its like the binoculars were.  I could see them even if no one else could. 

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    Its easier to read these discussions.  and the emoticons are right there for those of us addicted to the silly things to use.  Anything brand new always takes time to get used to.  Do you know if you can give more than 1 correct answer?  and more than 2 helpful answers?  We were pretty limited in the old forum and sometimes I would have liked to acknowledged more people's responses.  I suppose I could ask this seperately, but I just thought of it.


    Thanks for your response.

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    You got back from a long weekend on a Friday?

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    It's one correct and two helpfuls just as before...



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    No of course not .    I got back on Tuesday night.  It took me until this morning to figure out my way around this forum and trying to find out if somewhere my question had been answered.  Searching isn't quite the same and I have to admit I spent a lot of time in this discussion community reading the comments back and forth about how people feel about the change. Which was a very good way to discover what is still around and what isn't.  Interesting what some of the new avatars are too.