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There used to be a summary email that could get sent once a day about updates to your posts. Now it seems every single person that posts to a discussion triggers a new email. It drove my wife nuts and I had to shut off all emails. She was getting the email ping about ten times an hour on her ipad and every time she looked it was "something from apple ... AGAIN! Whats all this junk from apple all of a sudden?"


Is this setting somewhere other than the email settings in "your stuff"? OR is completely missing?


If missing, how do we request it be reinstated?




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    When you say email settings in Your Stuff, do you mean this page?



    Best wishes


    John M

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    That's exactly the correct place, and I don't see a check box or anything saying that I would like to receive just one email per day with updates. Not one for every one that has posted anything in those discussions. This produces dozens of emails per day and really got the wife upset, pinging her ipad a dozen or more times per hour for a popular discussion.


    Any way to get one email, maybe even one per discussion, "blah discussion got updated with new content." type thing. Not Joe posted something.. Ten minutes later.. Sam posted something. A minute later, sue did. Three emails in fifteen minutes.


    Thanks for your links and reply,


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    If you look on this page below, it is available in the last image. So, it looks like something not implemented for some reason.



    John M

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    that it, one more thing thats not implemented correctly, did this thing ever get beta tested? (sorry, some of us that are now using iPads often are pretty dissatisfied with these forums right now)


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    It's not just iPad users, Jason. A lot of us are grumbling. But I remember the last time there was a major software change on these forums, and it was much worse. For two to three weeks, they were offline as much as they were on. At least this time it's not that bad.


    For a lot of us old-timers, it's very hard to get used to the new format, but we are plugging away, and it's my guess that a lot of the new things will be geared to the latest, greatest — the iPad. So hang in there. I think better times are coming for us all.

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    jaxjason wrote:

    that it, one more thing thats not implemented correctly, did this thing ever get beta tested?

    Yes, it did get beta tested, but there is only so much testing that can be done with a limited number of beta testers. Eventually, the whole thing has to go public to see if it works with the huge number of users that come here or if the servers crash under that load.


    Part of the process intended to prevent the servers from going belly up is to activate implemented features gradually instead of all at once. This is most likely one of those things.