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I attempted to move my iTunes music to my local server due to a large number of iTunes U podcasts.  When iTunes got confused as to where the iTunes Music (also known as iTunes Media in iTunes Preferences - Advanced Pane) was, I moved eveything back to my MacBook Pro.  Now my iPhone will not sync new or upgraded applications to my iPhone.  Contacts, photos, books, movies, are not a problem, just apps.


I have looked into the iTunes.plist file and could not identify any path only used by apps sync.  So I would appreciate advice on how to proceed to resolve this matter.  I would prefer that iTunes Music resided on my server, but I can live with it on my laptop.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.2
Solved by sysx on Jun 10, 2011 9:11 AM Solved

I fixed this.

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    Additional Information


    When I am in iTunes with my iPhone connected via USB, the apps tab does not allow me access from my MacBook Pro - All the apps and iPhone views are greyed out.


    iTunes does Upgrade apps from the Apps Store and they are correctly stored in the iTunes Mobile Applications folder, but no upgrade to the iPhone apps.


    I have checked my iPhone with iPhone Configuration Utility, and do not see anything not expected.


    I cannot access the iTunes App Store from my iPhone, but can download new apps to my MacBook Pro using iTunes.  The new apps do not get loaded on my iPhone.


    I hope this helps in getting some knowledgable support.  I do not want to restore my iPhone unless it is the last hope.

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    I fixed this.

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    how did you fix it?