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How do I import I photo library to Photoshop CS5?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    AS far as I know Photoshop is a photo editor - not a photo manager or library - questions about how to use PS should be addressed to Adobe or the PS help capabilities


    to edit in PS set it as the iPhoto external editor -

    iPhoto has the capability to directly interface with any external editor - simply go to the iPhoto preferences (iPhoto menu ==> preferences ==> General and set the Edit photo option to in external editor - select the desired external editor  and you are set - now when you edit photos they are sent to the selected external editor and when you are finished editing you save (not save as) and the edited photo is returned to iPhoto, the original is maintained in iPhoto  and the iPhoto database is correctly updated.



    If you want the option of editing in either iPhoto or the external editor after selecting your external editor simply set the edit in back to main window - now when you right click (control Click) on a photo you will get a menu which allows you to select either.



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    Worked perfectly!!!  Thanks Larry!

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    This may be preaching to the choir but here are some tips on using PS from within iPhoto (screenshots based on CS3):


    Using Photoshop CS3 (or Photoshop Elements) as Your Editor of Choice in iPhoto.


    1 - select Photoshop as your editor of choice in iPhoto's Advanced Preference Section's under the "Edit photo:" menu.


    Click to view full size


    2 - double click on the thumbnail in iPhoto to open it in Photoshop.  When you're finished editing click on the Save button. If you immediately get the JPEG Options window make your selection (Baseline standard seems to be the most compatible jpeg format) and click on the OK button. Your done. 


    3 - however, if you get the navigation window


    Click to view full size


    that indicates that  PS wants to save it as a PS formatted file.  You'll need to either select JPEG from the menu and save (top image) or click on the desktop in the Navigation window (bottom image) and save it to the desktop for importing as a new photo.


    This method will let iPhoto know that the photo has been editied and will update the thumbnail file to reflect the edit..


    NOTE: With Photoshop Elements 9 the Saving File preferences should be configured as shown:

    Click to view full size


    s  I also suggest the Maximize PSD File Compatabilty be set to Always.  In PSE’s General preference pane set the Color Picker to Apple as shown:


    Click to view full size


    NOTE: If you want to use both iPhoto's editing mode and PS/PSE without having to go back and forth to the Preference pane, once you've selected PS as your editor of choice, reset the Preferences back to "Open in iPhoto".  That will let you either edit in iPhoto using the Edit button or Control-clicking on the thumbnail and selecting "Edit in iPhoto" or in PS/PSE by Control-clicking on the thumbnail and selecting "Edit in External Editor" in the Contextual menu.

    Click to view full size


    This way you get the best of both worlds.

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    I'm doing something wrong - I had iphoto set to elements and now am using cs5.  I am just picking save after editing in ps5, but am getting a duplicate in iphoto.  I went back in preferences after setting up cs5 and checked iphoto.  Help

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    Are you running iPhoto 11?  With that version all edits buy an external editor creates a new, duplicate original photo in the same Event/Album as the original photo to which the edits are applied.  With the advent of  iPhoto 9.1.2 updater editing in an external editor not only creates a new original file but also a modified file just as if we were in iPhoto 09.  So we end up with 3 copies of the file, 2 originals and one modified. 


    Additional edits of the first edited file does not create a new original file.  Deleting the original, unedited photo will send  you to a status like we had in iPhoto 09: just one original file and one modified file.  However, the original file with have "_2" appended to the file name.



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    Thanks - that is interesting.  I just trashed the duplicates when I was doing my testing.  Never saw a "-2" (just two files with the same name. Not sure how I will handle this going forward.  It was nice the old way - you could edit in iPhoto and then make other edits in external and still be able to revert to original.  Guess I haven't hurt my library by playing around and putting the duplicates in the trash.

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    I'm still trying to get my head around how the current version handles edits by external editors.  It's not cut and dried. 

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    From searching the forums it looks like Apple is saying the duplicates are intended and iPhoto is working correctly.  I'm hoping it is a bug and it will be fixed.  In the meantime I trashed my latest event and downloaded the photos again from camera.  That event was acting very strange after all my testing.  I would click on the event and it would say no photos, but then they would eventually appear.  I still have apple care and think I'll make a call tomorrow to see what else I can learn.  In the meantime I think I will do my photoshop work outside of iphoto.

    Thanks again.

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    What I'll probably do is delete the original after I finish making the edit.  That will give me just two copies of the photo: an original and a modified version.  It Revert to Original is applied to it there will still be the original version (albeit a copy) of the photo remaining.

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    I will keep looking for you posts on this subject - You have been a great help to me in the past.