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I'm running a MBP with Snow Leopard (10.6.7) in Simplified Chinese. In this setup the few special folders located in user's home directory i.e. Desktop, Library, Documents, etc all have their special display names in Finder. However now even other folders are displayed as their Chinese names correctly, the Desktop folder is now displayed in English, in all places like Finder, side bars and file picker dialogs from applications. Even this isn't breaking any apps I'm still wondering if I could fix it somehow.


I tried to change the current user's language settings to English then back but the Desktop problem is still there.

Creating a new user would have the correct name displayed.



屏幕快照 2011-04-23 下午02.30.50.png


Any ideas?





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Open the Terminal application in your /Applications/Utilities/ folder and enter the following command:


    ls -la ~/Desktop


    When this is done the Terminal will list all items in the Desktop folder, including hidden ones. In the resulting list, do you see a file called ".localized" (with a period before its name)? If not then try running the following command to create it:


    touch ~/Desktop/.localized


    When this is done, try logging out and back in to see if that allows the desktop folder to accept the new language translation.

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    That worked straight out without logging out and back. Thanks!!

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    Thanks a lot!!


    I've been looking for an answer for years and eventually got one.