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this is my wife's iPad and she syncs it with our PC Laptop (sorry - but you know women)


We have about 4000 photos of Africa on it that I uploaded from camera cards while on the tip using the SD card attachment


I have a very small (about 225 of the better ones) of these that I want to upload so we can show friends but I do not want to delete the origninals just yet


How do I do it?


I can not sync with my Mac (as far as I can tell) since it want to sync a bunch of stuff


I have put them on a SD card but the iPad does not see them (I think it is because they are dups but not sure of that)




TIA for help



iPad, iOS 4.3.1
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    You have to put photo files in the same folder name as a camera does (on an SD card).   It's 3:35 am and I'm in bed, so I can't check right now, but I think the folder has to be named DCIM or something like that. Also file names cannot be longer than 8 chars long, not counting extension. If not, iPad does not "see" the files on the SD card.


    Afraid I can't help with syncing from PC to iPad. I know I can sync on the mac using iPhoto.

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    Just to add to the previous reply, you have to have a folder called DCIM off the root of the card with the photos beneath it, and their names have to be exactly 8 characters long (plus their extension).


    If you want to copy them off your iPad and onto your computer then their is guidance here : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083

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    Thanks - it is the eight (8) character names I did not know