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I'm using my iPad2 on my home wireless network without any issues, but when I set my HTC Desire as a wireless hotspot, the ipad sees the wireless connection (which has a strong signal), but just refuses to connect to it. I've tried turning off security, but the same thing happens. I just keep getting the unable to connect message.

I've tried most of the advice I've found in these forums, including restting the networks on the ipad, but nothing works.

Has anybody achieved this? Any ideas as to what the issue may be?

  • Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3 (545 points)

    Can't use a non-apple phone.  You need to do a Google or Bing search for your answer why or any possible work around.

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    Not the answer I wanted, but thanks for that. I just thought wifi was wifi whoever was providing it!

  • Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3 (545 points)

    Unfortunately not.  Good luck.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (44,295 points)

    I use my HTC Thunderbolt as a WiFi hotspot for my iPad. Before that, I used my HTC Incredible. Both worked beautifully, both with and without security enabled. So, the fact that the OP can't is not because his phone is not an iPhone.

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    I just googled your question, and there is a lot of chatter on the subject.  Where are you? From what i read, Orange has played around with the hotspot, at it wont connect to a lot of things.  Others do connect.  Seems like what version of froyo you have and who your provider is may lead you to an answer.  The pad should be able to connect to any wifi hotspot.

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    Well I've certainly found plenty of people on the web who say they have successfully tethered to various Android phones, including HTC Desire. It just hasn't worked for me, but I'll definitely follow up your point about the provider. I'm in the UK and on Orange as it happens.

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    I use my tmobile desire with my iPad 2 with no issue. The poster who said I'd doesnt work with anything but apple phones had me wet myself !!!!!

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    One thought to orange allow tethering with their default data plans ? On tmobile I pay for mobile broadband plus to allow this.

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    I've checked, and Orange don't allow tethering on their default plans, so even if I succeeded in tethering it could end up costing me. My contract with Orange will be up in a few months, so I may use a PAYG sim or something for a while and then look for the best deal. I'll definitely look at tmobile as it's working for you.

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    I have just bought a new iPad2 and have used me HTC Desire as a wi-fi hot spot without any problems on the 3 network so it looks like it's just an Orange issue

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    Thanks a lot. I'd actually just clicked the buy button on a 3 network PAYG ipad sim to keep me going until my Orange contract is up. It definitely looks like an Orange issue. So it'll be bye bye Orange soon.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Dadof2Girls wrote:


    Can't use a non-apple phone.  You need to do a Google or Bing search for your answer why or any possible work around.



    What a quite incredible piece of miss-information! I'd love to know what research you did before coming to this conclusion. It's answers like that that make people critical of apple and their products by incorrectly making them think they are incompatible with all other devices.



    If anyone reading this wants to get their htc on the orange network working with their iPad/Itouch then try the following (assumes running Froyo 2.2 or higher):



    From your phones homescreen:-

    Menu/settings/Wireless & Networks/Mobile networks/Access Point Names


    You should see the following three APNs:
    Orange Internet
    Consumer Broadband
    Orange MMS

    - Select Consumer Broadband

    - CHANGE the APN from "consumerbroadband" to "orangeinternet"

    - CHANGE the Username from to "Orange"


    - CHANGE the password from to "Multimedia"


    - Make sure you use the capital first letters exactly as typed, don't include quotes "s.

    - Authentication type should be set to CHAP.

    - Press Menu button, tap "Save"


    And that's it!

    Has worked fine for me on my iPad using HTC Desire & HTC Desire S.

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    Many thanks...worked a treat

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