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I've just bought not one but TWO Bluetooth headsets. One is a 7dayshop.com-branded set, bought as a result of reading a favourable review in MacUser magazine, and the other pair is a collapsible travel headset (bought from the same source but not branded 7dayshop.com). I planned to use the non-travel version with my Mac Pro and the collapsible set when I'm travelling with my iPad or laptop.


The two headphones are actually headsets (i.e. they have built-in microphones), though I'm only really interested in using them as headphones. As I said, one is branded 7dayshop.com but the other doesn't seem to have any maker's branding. They both work in a very similar way, but they appear to have been made by different companies.


I've tested both headsets with my iPad, and they work beautifully. With sound output from the iPad, the quality is really excellent and I have no complaints at all. So I've confirmed that both headsets are working properly, and seem to be fully compatible with the iPad.


The big problem is with my Mac Pro. I have a late 2008 model, and have updated it with the latest version of all Apple software; i.e. it's running Mac OS X 10.6.7 and has all the other Apple updates installed.


When I attempt to pair either headset with the Mac Pro, everything seems to work fine. The headsets appear with their correct names, are recognised as audio devices, and pair successfully.


However, as soon as I attempt to use either headset to output sound from my Mac Pro, things immediately go wrong. No sound ever comes through the headphones(*), and attempts to play sound just seem to hang the application in question for a short time. If I switch sound output to another device, the sounds I've attempted to play have apparently been queued up, and come tumbling out of the other sound device. Eventually, after attempting to use the headphones, I'll get a Bluetooth error window telling me that the audio device is failing to work, with a single button to click that disables the headphones.


(*Not quite true. During one attempt I did succeed in playing some music from iTunes through the headphones. However, the results were garbled: about a second's worth of music, over-fast and scrambled, followed by a brief silence, then another second's worth of scrambled/overlaid music, followed by another gap, and so on.)


If it were only one pair of headphones I'd suspect a fault in the headphones rather than the Mac, but the fact is that both pairs (apparently from different makers) behave in exactly the same way. Plus, they both work perfectly with my iPad.


Out of interest, I tried my 7dayshop headset (the one I want to use with my Mac Pro) with my father's iMac, which is still running Leopard (10.5.8) … and found that they worked perfectly with that! So, I don't know what to make of this, unless there's an inherent problem with Bluetooth audio in the late-2008 Mac Pro that I own. I can't remember when the iMac dates from, but I think it's slightly newer than my Mac Pro.


I'd love to get the headset working on my Mac Pro, though. Can anyone suggest anything, please?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 8-core 2.8GHz (2008), nVidia 8800GT