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I can't add songs to my iphone4 from the my imac's itunes.  At first I thought it was because I moved my music to an external drive.  I moved some music back to comp, loaded it to itunes and it still wouldn't go to the iphone.  Any thoughts?

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    What have you tried?


    What was the result?


    Error message?


    What did it say?

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    No error messages.  Just won't highlight the devise (phone)  like it does when moving to a playlist.  Basically drag and drop does not work.  I made sure the computer was "authorized".  It is the main comp. I use with my iPhone4.



    I can play all songs on iTunes as well as songs on iPhone4.  It just won't allow me to move songs to the iPhone4.


    Tried to transferring some songs back to comp. and then transfer to iPhone4, did no good.

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    If you are trying to manually manage your music, then you would need to have the manually manage music box checked.  Do you?

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    Well thanks for that.  Now I have no music on my iPhone4 and still can't move any songs from comp to phone.

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    If you switch between manually mange and sync, then it will erase the current content and replace with the selected content.


    You checked manually mange?


    Can you not now drag and drop your music?


    Is this a different computer than you normally sync with?

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    Ok, First I effed up my iPhone4.  Then I fixed it.  I now can put music on it.  Thanks for your help!