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I've had 4-5 kernel panics (grey power button graphic) on my Mac Mini in the last month.  They seem to of roughly coincided with a upgrading the RAM, but I'm not certain about the timing.  The RAM I used was out of my new 2011 MBP (I put 8GB in the MBP and took the stock 2x2GB out and put them in the Mini).


I also ran ASD 3S132 and it came up with one failed test:

ERROR -- 72 [Video 2D acceleration test failed.]


Is it possible the new RAM (both chips out of the MBP are DDR3 PC3-10600) is causing problems by being to fast?  The recommend memory for this model (Mac Mini 3,1 IC2D 2Ghz) is DDR3 PC3-8500, but that seems nonsensical to me.


I'm hoping someone with better hardware knowledge then me might offer some advice... obviously I mean helpful advice, not "take it to Apple"...  for example how further to narrow the problem?


I still have and can put the old 2x1GB PC3-8500 chips back in and rerun ASD I suppose, but obviously opening up Mini's is a little bit of work so I'd like to do all the diagnosing at once.


Probably not terribly significant but it's not my primary computer, I use it principally as HTPC, file server and test/diagnostic platform.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 2009 Mini A1283 2Ghz 4GB