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katykatkat Level 1 Level 1

how do i figure out what generation my ipod touch it?

iPod touch, Windows 7
  • Matthew McAlister Level 4 Level 4

    There are certain criteria that can describe each generation of the iPod touch line.

    Does it have an external speaker? If not it is 1st gen.

    Beveled back? If so it is 2nd or 3rd gen

    Camera? If so, 4th gen.

  • katykatkat Level 1 Level 1

    hey maybe you could help me with a nother problem of mine?


    I forgot my passcode and have tried to restore it but before it restore my ipod i tries to update the software... that when i run into problems for some reason it tells me there was an error and to check my network connection and if my network is active ... every thing is fine ? what do i do now?

  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 Level 5

    More accurately you can look on the back of your iPod Touch for one of these numbers.

    Apple put one of these part numbers on the back of every iPod Touch.


    iPod Touch 1st generation - A1213


    iPod Touch 2nd generation - A1288


    iPod Touch 3rd generation - A1318


    iPod Touch 4th generation - A1367


    Which generation do you have?