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I have two iPods. One is an iPod Touch (MB528LL) while the other is an iPod Classic (MC297LL).


The Touch is 8 GB while the Classic is 160 GB.


I've mostly used the Touch, largely neglecting the Classic.


I use the touch mainly for music, but from time to time have downloaded apps including internet-requiring apps. I have also watched a movie or two on the device.


However, I am irritated that my number of songs caps at 1,000. I definitely could use more space considering how often I travel.


I want to sell one of the two devices for a little extra cash. It seems the sale range on the Classic is $200 to $275 and for the Touch it's $100 to $175.


Can anyone help compare/contrast these two models in terms of benefits and negatives unique to each to help me decide which to sell? As I said, I've mainly used the Touch so I'm not very familiar with the Classic. Thanks!