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I was reading one of the threads on here and got this alert. it had to be false because it was scanning it said windows files so i closed the tab and it all seems okay.  i was actually lookong at a link o f  wzzz's avatar when it happened. (link was from a thread in this forum)  do you think something got on my mac.  it was so strange  I'm practically shaking.  should i download clamxv or something like that?  I saw only that it said something about finding a virus and a trojan.  but since it was "scanning" windows files I thought it must be about to tell me to download something.  I downloaded nothing.


a freaked out Laverne's Mom


The only thing I have loaded is the update for Adobe Flash which I did from the Adobe site going to it from Firefox.  Is this the right "community to be asking this question?


For whatever it is worth, I am in Safari now, but I decided to try it again in Firefox and got the same alert.  I have the WOT add on which said the site was safe.

I am not trying it in Safari.  But there is something weird about that.  Hasn't happened with anything else.

iMac 21, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Safari 5.0.5 ipod touch
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