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I recently bought a used macbook pro. I can pretty much do everything I need on it until I want to change setting and such things. Then it asks me for an administrator password which I do not know or have. On top of that I do not have the OS disc either. Is there a way I can SAFELY reset or delete the password so I can set my own without the possibility of screwing thing up. LIke I said I can do most anything. I figured this out when attempting to tether it to my smartphone for internet access (I do all the time from my desktop but my desktop is a PC so things are a little different) I am a very new mac user, I have always been a devoted PC user until now. I have to say I am really loving my macbook pro I may just stick with mac from now on (if I can get this problem figured out without too much stress.


I am looking for the safest and best way to fix this issue where nothing I do would mess up the laptop. I can use it now and I do not want that to change, I just want to be able to change my setting and set a password of my own. PLEASE HELP, THANX!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.8), I am not 100% positive on the OS