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I've never had this problem before, my iPhone/Laptop has been working fine for the few years that I've had it. Not only will the iPhone not show up on iTunes, but it's not even showing up on My Computer. I've attempted almost every troubleshooting method this site and others have to offer that I've lost count as to how many I've tried. iTunes is updated and I'm running iOS 4.0.1.


I've disabled firewalls, I've disabled/enabled Apple Mobile Device in the Service menus; I've also gone to the Device Manager menu's but it doesn't even show up. Any help would be appreciated.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
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    Hey there....Couple things to try...Make sure connectors are clean...try another USB port on computer, another computer, another cable...If those don't work, I think it's a trip to apple store for you...Hope you're still under warranty...

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    I recently found out my phone when dead will charge on my PC but when it comes on it's not charging and not seen in My Computer or iTunes. So it's neither of those problems.

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    Really guys? Nothing? Since my last post I've tried taking the SIM card out. Done both DFU and Recovery Mode. Tried going back to later version of iTunes and Apple Mobile Device. I've also run Diagonstics and this is what I got. Maybe it'll help.



    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 6002)

    Hewlett-Packard Compaq Presario F700 Notebook PC


    QuickTime 7.6.9

    FairPlay 1.11.17

    Apple Application Support 1.5.2

    iPod Updater Library 10.0d2

    CD Driver

    CD Driver DLL

    Apple Mobile Device

    Apple Mobile Device Driver

    Bonjour (214.3)

    Gracenote SDK

    Gracenote MusicID

    Gracenote Submit

    Gracenote DSP


    iTunes Serial Number 0023B0F8030C1AB0


    Current user is not an administrator.

    The current local date and time is 2011-06-11 19:36:59.

    iTunes is not running in safe mode.

    WebKit accelerated compositing is enabled.

    HDCP is not supported.

    Core Media is supported.


    Video Display Information


    NVIDIA, NVIDIA GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M



    **** External Plug-ins Information ****


    No external plug-ins installed.


    Genius ID: 15d6b1bd1de435fc076af0669579e9d4


    **** Device Connectivity Tests ****


    iPodService is currently running.

    iTunesHelper is currently running.

    Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.


    Universal Serial Bus Controllers:


    Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller

    Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller.  Device is working properly.

    Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller

    Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller.  Device is working properly.


    No FireWire (IEEE 1394) Host Controller found.


    Most Recent Devices Not Currently Connected:


    iPod nano (3rd Generation) running firmware version 1.1.3

    Serial Number:    65747S8NY0P


    iPhone 3GS running firmware version 4.0.1

    Serial Number:    88928WTT3NP


    **** Device Sync Tests ****


    No iPod, iPhone, or iPad found.

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    Wow....I would have thought you would have taken my advice from my first post and gone to the Apple store by now....