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Hi all, and this is my first discussion thread.

I'm currently running my Mac Mini 2010 with a SATA Male to Female cable and ext. SATA power on a WD VelociRaptor 150GB.

The solution isn't really elegant i feel and it generates alot of heat from the drive and some extra noise when loading heavy applications eg. parallels desktop.

I've even up the ram to the max 8GB as well and everything seems zippy so far.


Earlier there are alot of talk about SSDs requiring TRIM on the operating system and as what we know Mac OS X Leopard

does not have integrated TRIM support.


So i'm basically looking at SSD candidates that will:

- run the power provided by the Mac Mini's (5V) integrated PSU

- don't require TRIM support to manage garbage collection on the hardware level.


So far, i've only 2 candidates:

- Crucial RealSSD

- Kingston V100+


Which one will you shell out for and why?


Additional question:

- If i remove the superdrive on my mac mini, can i get a external USB superdrive? is there such a thing at all?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.7)