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Hi all.


I've an iPhone 4 for about 1 month or so.


A few days now, whenever i'm in a call i can't hear anything on the "regular" speaker. Everyone can hear me just fine, but i can't hear them. If i switch to loudspeaker or use the headphones, i hear normally, but using the normal speaker i dont.


Already tried turning it on and off. Tried the "Hard Reset" (holding the top button and the "home button" together for more than 10 secs). Tried the "Restore" using iTunes but none of them worked.


I really wish i could solve this on my own without having to turn my iPhone over to my phone's operator support. Since i live in Brazil, and all this kind of supports here *****, they'll probably let me without a cellphone for 3 or 4 months and they also won't have a clue about what is happening.


My i.OS version is 4.3.2.


I really could use the help! Thank you all.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    I have the same problem. It has something to do with the phone thinking it's in headphone mode and not switching out. You can sometimes get it back to speaker by playing sound and plugging headphones in and out until it works, but it won't stay that way.


    My phone continually flips back to that kind of silent mode. I've looked this up a bit and it appears it's been a problem for a long time.


    Very disappointed with this product for this reason. I miss calls and texts because of it.

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    Hi askwhy.


    I've never even managed to get it back to normal by plugging headphones in and out. I've read about it and seen that are many people out there with a problem similar to this one that can solve it just by doing that.


    Now, i would like to add some new info on this. Normally i don't get any sound from my iPhone, can't play musics nor hear any sound on apps or on a call. If i turn the volume up or down, i see the volume control saying that it is the Headphone's Volume even though there is no headphone plugged.


    Today i woke up and when i unlocked my iPhone i noticed that it made that clicking sound. I was all happy believing that my iPhone was magically back! Listened to music, used an app and all was ok.


    Then i tried to make a call. Even though i hear the sound of apps and music, and when i turn the volume it's no longer showing Headphone's Volume, i still don't hear anything when making a call!


    People can hear me and even with the sound working with everything, i still can't hear nothing when making a call without the headphone's or on loudspeaker.


    Does anyone have any idea if this can be a software problem? I'm thinking on doing a downgrade to see if things get back to normal.


    If that doesn't work, i'll go through with the long and inefficient way out of taking my iPhone to my operator's support...

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    Hi Aquanauta,

    I have the same issue with my phone! I have tried multiple phone resets and still no sound from the front top speaker! Hope someone provides a quick solution soon.