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I have been searching for a program(s) that can clean my iMac of un-used, un-necessary files that seem to have clogged up the works.  I recently ran OmniDiskSweeper, and it really did a fine job, but I'd like to have something on board that could be used to sort of monitor what might create problems later.  I do not have the wealth of expertise that most Mac users rely on, I more often than not, simply use the computer to save time.  I rarely understand what is doing what when I use it.

Any help regarding a recent search finding "MacKeeper" a cure all stating it can "Clean, Secure, Protect, & Optimize" with their 911 for the Mac; would be appreciated.

iMac 24" (10.6.6), MacBook Pro 15 (10.6.6); iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    MacKeeper, is a legitimate swiss army knife of tools for troubleshooting only, with one major caveat.   Cleaning caches is done by many tools, none of which deal with a more important issue except an important dialog on a few, saying you must be backed up before you attempt to use them.  Many call themselves "maintenance" tools, and they are nothing of the sort.   Cleaning caches if done on a regular basis like fixing fragmentation on Windows machines, can in fact make your machine slower, or not operate at all.  Prebinding can mess things up too.   As a result, if you are having system problems, ask here first what may be causing it depending on your symptoms, what you have installed, and how full your system is.    And make sure your system is backed up first, before you troubleshoot anything.  Even if you have to recover data since it isn't able to be accessed without a data recovery tool.    See my backup FAQ*:



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    I actually bought and installed a Seagate Firewire 800 backup drive about a year ago.  I had some problem initially, but all have been resolved via Seagate Community forums.  As a user, rather than even a newbie geek, I simply try to use it.  I really don't know very many ins and outs about any of the Apple products that I own.  I do like them, they tend to be less troublesome than the pc's I've had in the past.

    I guess my concern isn't life changing, the computer still works, have no real problems with exception to video bumps and grinds (probably the age of the video card and lack of ram on it).  Thanks for your help!

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    I am afraid its worsen then THAT!!. I bought two licences from those fraud spammers, liftetime with "satisfaction or moneyback guarentee".

    Both my Imac and MacPro kept crashing after installing it. All the helpdesk from zeobit did for me was sending me mails i should re-install osx and mackeeper.

    When that didnt help, the gave in. I asked my money back, as in the guarentee. Thet denied flat out. "Sir this is not OUR software causing the problem, but OSX. Go there with your complained!"


    Alsoo there newsletter......i UNLISTED 9 times now and still i get 5-8 spam mails a week.

    It´s a fraud a company !!

    Swindlers!! Alsoo see :