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After updating to te latest iTunes ( today I also wanted to update from iOS 4.3 to the latest iOS 4.3.x

Unfortunately that messed up my iPhone. It always wants to restore and update but that process gets aborted at aout 60% with unknown error 6.


My computer hasn't changed at all in the last 4 weeks when I did that last update. I even disabled the firewall (Zone Alarm) completely, closed Skype (port 80) and everything I don't need - without success.


How do I get the the phone running ASAP? And that this error is makes my phone useless as a brick is just not acceptable. So please Apple come up with a working solution. Quickly! (your online troubleshooting didn't help)


Of course there are lots of factors that might affect the update process but I'm sure it's your software - especially since my system hasn't changed since the last update when everything worked.


Windows 7 Ultimate x64, iPhone 4 NOT jailbroken

iPhone 4, Windows 7, x64